Sunday, 4 September 2011

Manchester Art Gallery :

Manchester Art Gallery was the venue of choice, my fellow student Adam and I choice and we came across the artwork shown below by Adolphe Yvon. 
The painting titled 'Marshal Ney Supporting the Rearguard During the Retreat from Momscow' reprsents the greatest diaster in military history that was Napoleon's Russian invasion of 1812. 
The central figure of the painting show the French hero Marshal Ney who was given and commanded  the rearguard of Napoleon's Grand Army on their retreat from Moscow.
Not only did Marshal Ney defend the rearguard magnificiently, the painting also shows the freezing Temperatures and the hunger that the Grand Army had to face daily.

I've always had an avid and keen intrest in the Napoleonic War's, whether the armies were English, French, russian, Prussian or Spanish and the painting represents the pinnacale of one mans 15 year rule and his downfall thereafter- Napoleon Bonaparte.

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