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Inventive Characters

Inventive Characters

What follows is inventive characters that I created and the expression I wanted to portray in the images :


Proud - I used a sailor for this inventive character, the sailor shows the proudness he feels in showing off his bare upper torso. The aim was to achieve a comic styled figure straight out of a twenties advertisement and using curved and straight lines in black ink I gave the image an Art deco style.

Calm - This word is what I wanted and hoped to portray in the image of the bear. I wanted the bear to come across as serene and not a scary and frightening image that a bear can often be portrayed as. My techniques I used to create this effect was black paint and a sponge.

Triumphant - The image of the king stands alone and is very triumphant in his pose but also in his character he expresses a regal splendour which I wanted to create. Black and white ink was used to achieve this image.

Also other characters which i've done below:


Other artists who have created their own inventive characters are as follows :

'Winter Smiles'                                  

Doug Hyde produces his artwork on a large scale to achieve the full force of impact with each piece, this allows him to work in spacious conditions which he then creates a physical freedom and energy for himself to be seen in his work. The liberal use in his media of pastels, allows him to apply the use of his fingers, thumbs and sides of a hand or wrist to produce the artwork that has a big fan base.

John Wilson's artwork was inspired by the drawing that his four year old daughter drew of herself and was intrigued by the colours she used and the way she drew it. Wilson was fascinated how children look at the world and how they perceive things, drawing people with fat arms and legs or a stick body, this gave him the idea to mix child's art with the influence of adult artists refering to Picasso who once said "When I was a child, I painted as an adult" but as Picasso grew older he spent his adult life trying to paint as a child.

'Banksy Was Here'

Mackenzie Thorpe's career was inspired by the film 'Lust for Life' portraying the struggle of the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his constant battle to express himself in his artwork. By owning a small artshop selling art materials, he was able to use the materials from his shop to create his artwork and display his work within the shop, allowing a fan base to build up. Mackenzie Thorpe wanted his work to show the human emotions of love, life, laughter, innocence and the daily challenges that are faced.

Mark Grieves began his career in photography, which transfered itself over into the artist he is today and shown in his artwork. This is seen in his work by his attraction to shapes,shadows,light and contrast and greatly is influenced also by his being a fan of comic book artists and their use of fantasy. But Grieves also uses the memories of his childhood to create images that the viewer can wander into, a free reference library that he can access anytime and has great influence on his artwork.


Yoji Shinkawa - Metal Gear Solid Series




'All The Love In The World'

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