Monday, 12 September 2011


The Napoleonic era is thes etting for this drawing, which would have been a typical battle scene of the time.  A French Cussair is shown on Horseback slashing his way through English Infantry soldiers on the ground.  The aftermath is a bloody scene.
The drawing was created by my use of pencil,black ink and watercolour.

Again I chose the napoleonic era for this piece of work. It represents the defeat that napoleon's soliders experienced, the cold weather , hunger and the haunting look of near death shown on there faces.
French Grenadiers ans Fussiliers walk the walk of death through the freezing tempretures of Russia. 
My choice again in my work was the use of pencil,black ink and water colour.

I wanted to achieve an aesthetic look for this piece of work.  The effect I wanted to give was a representation of a battlefeild cluttered with corpses of dead soldiers, their skeleton remains piled on top of another.
Use of pencil and black ink was my media

 Alternative version

 I created an alterative modern war scene against the Adolphe Yvon painting.  The drawing has no major referance with regard to a particular Britsh Army Regiment but what I wanted to show was a similar scene that our Britsh troops are most likely up against.
Pencil and watercolour was my choice of media in this drawing.

Adolpe Yvon

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