Friday, 9 September 2011

Michel Ney

Michel Ney was one of the popular of Napoleon's marshals, he was known as 'le Rougeaud' which means ginger and this was because of his hair. Ney was the bravest of the braves but was very hotheaded and lacking in caution, he joined the Hussars in 1787 and quickly advanced through the ranks.
Napoleon's abdication, saw Ney side himself with the Bourbons but he re-attached himself back to Napoleon for the 100 Days' Campaign, this action would be Ney's undoing. Ney was accused of mishandling and delaying in the final battles of Napoleon's career, ultimately the most famous of all 'Waterloo', which became the final nail in the coffin of himself and Napoleon.
Michel Ney was put on trial for treason by the returning powers of the Bourbons and was sentenced to death and executed by a firing squad on 7 December 1815. The last words he uttered were "Comrades-straight to the heart!"

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